About El.AG

About EL.AG

Most people as 2 questions, first how did we get our name?

“EL” is Hebrew for GOD!

“AG”  is a biblical start for LOVE so our digital translation is loosely God’s Love, which we are called to share, so the cornerstone of EL.AG is Sharing God’s Love.


Which takes us to the second question HOW?

We do this in several ways.

  1. URL shortening services are plenty, but leveraging EL.AG will help share the message of EL.AG, at the same time, provide related services.
  2. Influencers, Companies and brands utilize shortening services like ours and chose the NONPROFIT version and during the process, users are exposed to all the ministries supported by EL.AG which helps the miniseries and the users get a nice tax benefit.
  3. Website owners use our technology to help track their business
  4. ADVERTISERS utilize our platform, and they want to work or share their message on our FAMILY FRIENDLY platform
  5. Our technology is also designed to help fight the DARKER SIDE of the web, and with our getting into the details we are able to leverage your support, our technology and GODS MESSAGE OF HOPE to the darkest parts of the web, that consist of over 1 billion DARK searches a day,

So the uses are many, but

How do you participate:

INFLUENCERS, CELEBRITIES, YOUTUBE STARS, BRANDS use our shortening service as a direct service or chose to allow us to feature our nonprofits . We will track the VALUE of the traffic or advertising at the market rate and send you a deduction form at the end of the year.


Businesses: Even if you only use our platform for shortening, that’s OK as it will help the overall platform grow which will allow us to do more for the Kingdom.


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

Published on: 3/15/17 3:55 PM