Call Funnels are better than Clicks

Why are call funnles better than clicks?

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Calls convert 25 times better than clicks, save time and minimize operational strain!

How much are Call Funnels vs Clicks

Calls are typically more per call but have a much lower COST PER OVERALL ACQUISITION!

Call Funnles vs Clicks Reviews

Why do business owners, entrapenuers, authors and investors like call funnels better than clicks.


Direct calls can offer significant advantages over clicks to a website in various scenarios, especially in business contexts where personal interaction and immediacy are crucial. Here are 25 reasons why direct calls can be more effective:

  1. Personal Touch: Calls provide a personal connection that websites can’t match.
  2. Immediate Response: Get instant answers and feedback during a call.
  3. Clarifying Complex Issues: Easier to discuss and clarify complex topics over the phone.
  4. Building Relationships: Phone conversations help in building stronger client relationships.
  5. Reducing Misunderstandings: Direct communication reduces the risk of misunderstandings.
  6. Customized Solutions: Easier to offer tailored solutions in a conversation.
  7. Human Interaction: Some customers prefer talking to a real person rather than navigating a website.
  8. Quick Resolution of Problems: Issues can be resolved faster in real-time.
  9. Confidentiality: Phone calls can be more private than online interactions.
  10. No Need for Internet Access: Phone calls don’t require internet access, beneficial for those with limited web access.
  11. Avoiding Technical Issues: Bypass technical glitches that might occur with websites.
  12. Ease of Use for Some Demographics: Older generations may find calls more user-friendly than websites.
  13. Nuances in Communication: Tone of voice and inflection can convey more than text.
  14. Urgent Communications: Calls are better for urgent or time-sensitive matters.
  15. In-depth Discussions: Calls allow for more thorough discussions.
  16. Immediate Feedback on Offers or Deals: Instant reactions to proposals or deals can be gauged.
  17. Avoiding Website Navigation Issues: No need to navigate potentially confusing website layouts.
  18. Reducing the Need for Follow-up: Many issues can be resolved in one call, reducing the need for multiple follow-ups.
  19. Cross-Selling Opportunities: Easier to introduce and discuss additional services or products.
  20. Catering to Non-Tech-Savvy Users: Beneficial for those who are uncomfortable with technology.
  21. Detecting and Responding to Emotions: Easier to detect customer emotions and respond empathetically.
  22. Personalized Customer Service: Offers a more personalized level of customer service.
  23. Direct Capture of Customer Information: Information can be gathered directly and accurately.
  24. Building Trust: Direct human interaction can foster a sense of trust.
  25. Accessibility in Different Situations: Calls can be made or received in situations where browsing a website isn’t feasible.

Call Funnles -vs- Clicks Pricing

Clicks may range for $5 to $500 per click, often times taking 10-20 clicks to make a lead and 10 leads to make a sale (aka 10% conversion)

So average Cost per sale ranges from $250 – $2500 depending on the inch you are going for.

Add to that 3.7 out bound calls to ever lead time 13 min @ $25.00 an hour labor you spend on operational labor an additional $75 to $150.00 I admin hours…

SO your all in COST PER SALE is huge and the operational hours are very high.


If 3-5 calls come in and you close one you are at 20-33% COnversion and you save a TON OF LABOR!!!

Business Reviews

I am able to do more with less!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

We are able to sell more with less effort which makes my team happy, and my boss even happier!

Clicks are dead to us!

Rated 5.0 out of 5

We wasted millions on clicks, building huge call centers and then COVID hit and we had no workers in the call center. Leveraging AI and CALL FUNNELS we were able to scale and reduce overhead (not on purpose) but stay afloat and now we will never go back to the way it was before COVID!


Rated 5.0 out of 5

We do not even do lead funnels or web form anymore. If the client does not call us we just wait! ALL OUR BUDGET GOES TO CALLS!

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