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Tricia Been is a world-class executive, leader, and speaker and yes she is a woman too. Her passion for business success at all levels makes her on of the most requested in our group.

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When hiring any speaker, you should ask the following questions.

Keynote Speaker For Hire Checklist

When hiring a keynote speaker for your event, it’s essential to ask insightful questions to ensure they are the right fit for your audience and objectives. Here are the top 25 questions to consider:

  1. Can you describe your speaking experience and style?
    • Understand their experience level and how they engage with an audience.
  2. What topics do you typically cover in your keynotes?
    • Gauge if their expertise aligns with your event’s theme.
  3. Have you spoken at events similar to ours?
    • Assess their relevance and experience in your specific field.
  4. Can you provide references or testimonials from past speaking engagements?
    • Get feedback from previous clients.
  5. How do you customize your presentation for different audiences?
    • Ensure they can tailor their content to your audience’s needs.
  6. What do you need to know about our audience?
    • See how they plan to connect with your specific audience.
  7. What are your key message takeaways for the audience?
    • Determine the value they’ll bring to your event.
  8. Can we review and provide input on your presentation content?
    • Check their openness to collaboration and feedback.
  9. What is your fee structure for keynote speaking?
    • Understand the financial aspect of hiring them.
  10. Do you have any specific technical or logistical requirements?
    • Prepare for their technical needs.
  11. How do you engage and interact with the audience?
    • Learn about their ability to create interactive experiences.
  12. Are you able to participate in other event activities?
    • Check if they can engage in panels, workshops, or networking.
  13. What has been your most challenging speaking engagement and why?
    • Assess their adaptability and experience.
  14. How do you measure the success of your keynote?
    • Understand their goals and metrics for a successful presentation.
  15. What is your policy on travel and accommodation expenses?
    • Clarify additional costs involved.
  16. Can you provide a video clip of a recent speaking engagement?
    • Evaluate their speaking style and audience interaction.
  17. What inspires you as a speaker?
    • Get insight into their passion and motivation.
  18. How do you stay updated with the latest trends in our industry?
    • Ensure they bring current and relevant insights.
  19. What are your cancellation and refund policies?
    • Understand the terms in case of unforeseen changes.
  20. How do you handle audience questions or interactions?
    • See their approach to audience engagement during the presentation.
  21. Are you able to promote our event on your channels?
    • Leverage their network for event promotion.
  22. What is the main goal you aim to achieve with your keynote?
    • Align their objectives with your event’s goals.
  23. Can you provide a brief outline of your proposed talk for our event?
    • Get a preliminary idea of their content.
  24. Do you incorporate multimedia or other interactive elements in your presentations?
    • Understand the dynamic aspects of their presentation.
  25. How do you tailor your approach for virtual events versus in-person events?
    • Important if your event format is flexible or undecided.

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Business Reviews

Amazing! Tricia is a must have for any event requiring NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS

Rated 5.0 out of 5

Tricia is amazing. Her experience and ability to motivate a team is unmatched. As the CEO of C-Suite Network, She brings a ton of business knowledge and insight that very few can even relate to.

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