Meal Prep Containers

Meal Prep Companies are getting very creative with their meal prep containers!

Meal Prep Checklist


  • Prep Task: Chop vegetables for the week, cook grains (rice/quinoa), bake or grill proteins (chicken/fish), portion out snacks into small containers.
  • Containers Needed: Large containers for bulk items, small containers for snacks.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Buy vegetables and proteins in bulk, utilize sales and discounts.


  • Prep Task: Assemble salads in containers, make dressings or sauces, hard-boil eggs.
  • Containers Needed: Medium containers for salads, small containers or jars for dressings.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Use seasonal vegetables for salads, buy eggs in bulk.


  • Prep Task: Prepare overnight oats or chia seed puddings for breakfasts, portion out into containers.
  • Containers Needed: Small containers or jars for breakfast portions.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Bulk-buy oats and chia seeds, use seasonal fruits.


  • Prep Task: Cook a large batch of a budget-friendly staple (beans, lentils) to use in different meals.
  • Containers Needed: Large container for batch-cooked staple.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Buy beans and lentils in bulk, soak and cook instead of buying canned.


  • Prep Task: Assemble and freeze burritos or wraps, prepare or portion out any marinades.
  • Containers Needed: Foil or freezer-safe containers for wraps/burritos.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Use leftover grains or proteins in burritos/wraps, buy tortillas in bulk.


  • Prep Task: Bake or prep healthy treats or desserts for the week, portion and store.
  • Containers Needed: Small to medium containers for treats/desserts.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Bake in bulk, use budget-friendly ingredients like oats and bananas.


  • Prep Task: Review and prep any ingredients that need to be refreshed or prepped for the coming week, restock meal prep containers if necessary.
  • Containers Needed: Check inventory for containers, replace or clean as needed.
  • Tips to Maximize Savings: Plan next week’s meals based on sales and what’s already in pantry/fridge.

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